Scott Miller | Automotive

Scott Miller | Automotive

Keith Brewster did a great job on the purchase of my new business ….. with me stuck in Japan

“Keith did a great job on the purchase of my new business. It was all done with me stuck in Japan! He kept me advised at all times and made the process as easy as it could be from overseas.” – Scott Miller | December 2020

Keith Brewster receives another Benchmark Business Sales Review.

When it comes to putting a sale together that works for all parties, his principles are:

Doing business honestly and transparently, is in his words; “the only way to go, anything else is too stressful”

As a communicator Keith is clear, concise and frank. He makes sure everyone is in the loop and maintains a clear focus on the needs of each party.

Enthusiasm and Positivity
Keith knows that enthusiasm and positivity are essential ingredients of sales success and he has both in spades.

Customer Care
For Keith looking after the needs of his clients comes first and foremost in everything he does.  He has a long track record of facilitating sales built on a foundation of customer care.

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Keith Brewster is a business broker at Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations.

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