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Our experienced team of accredited business valuers provide accurate, data-driven business valuations and appraisals for any business size and industry. Fact based business valuation enables you to navigate sales, investments, or plan with confidence. Trust us to deliver the information that you need with honesty, precision and professionalism.

Our Business Valuations and Appraisals are based upon sales data – and factual evidence… not just an opinion, or intuition. Our business valuers have the data, and we use that data to produce reports which are logical, sequential and factual.

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How much is your "Business Worth?"

Business Valuation, or Business Appraisal?

Appraisal – or Valuation… what is the difference?

A business valuation is an extensive, comprehensive report on the value of a business. It involves rigorous study, research and understanding. An appraisal, is a much simpler report. It provides a guide to the current market value of a business, and whilst accurate and relevant, it is a much simpler document than a valuation.

It is wise to understand the market value of your business. Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations is uniquely positioned to provide business owners with certified business valuations. Benchmark’s registered business valuers utilise actual current market sales when assessing the market value of a business.

Benchmark has Registered Business Valuers working in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia – and we are able to provide business appraisal and valuations (under engagement), across those states. With many years of experience and training – our team has the knowledge and understanding to provide clients with market-based business valuations and appraisals.

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Benchmark’s team of Business Valuers are experienced and experts in their fields.
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WHY Benchmark?


In general, the value of a business will rely on an analysis of the company’s cash flow, future risks, future opportunities, market demand, assets, and sales evidence. At Benchmark we have many years of sales data (evidence) to call upon to support the assessed business value. We are some of Australia’s most experienced business valuers.

The process is simple, but it is thorough, and involves you providing us with your financial accounts and other information (such as employee details and asset register.

The steps are:

  1. You advise us of your requirements
  2. We send you a letter of engagement
  3. You engage Benchmark by signing the letter
  4. We send you a request for information
    50% of the valuation fee is paid
  5. Upon provision of the information we will commence the production of the valuation report
  6. A draft report is produced and provided for discussion
  7. The report is finalised and balance of payment made

Don’t simply guess what your asset is worth – have its value professionally assessed in a Certified Business Valuation.

Business valuations are provided for:

  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • GST Issues
  • Preparation For Sale
  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Business Planning
  • Management Buy-Out
  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Business Planning
  • State Transfer Duty
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning

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