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With Benchmark’s Buyer Agency Services you can quickly and effectively grow your business through acquisition. Allow Benchmark Business Sales to find you the right business, at the right price, on the right terms.
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Acquire the Right Business at the Right Price

Benchmark’s specialist business brokers offer clients a Buyers Agency service across Australia.

As Australia’s largest business brokerage we can identify ideal target businesses, evaluate options, and negotiate a price on your behalf. We follow up until the sale is finalised and liaise with related parties during the process, making the transactional process smooth and simple.

In the last 25 years we have been involved in many mandates to act as a Buyer’s Agent and have concluded many successful assignments including roll-ups for LPO’s across Australia in all sectors including road transport, security and childcare.

Thinking about engaging a buyer’s agent?

Five reasons to use a buyer’s agent

Securing the right business can be a stressful experience, even for seasoned buyers who might own more than one business. So whether you’re a first time buyer, or an experienced investor, hiring a professional buyer’s agent will help you in many ways. Here are five reasons to engage an experienced buyer’s agent to assist you to acquire the right business, at the right price.

The benefits of due diligence and avoiding critical mistakes

There is a long list of due diligence criteria to be fulfilled before a buyer’s agent makes recommendations on a purchase and they will also highlight ay risks. This, combined with extensive research and experience provides more security in selection of the best business.

Here are some helpful tips when buying a business.

Will this business acquisition benefit you over the long term? Will the acquisition help you to reach long term goals?
Run numbers to ensure you can comfortably manage cashflows, with a contingency plan in place.
Ensure you get the best financing arrangements for your circumstances

Helps identify risk, and minimise risk

Analyse the property tenure arrangements

Physical business inspections are essential risk management tools
Identify and complete a comprehensive checklist
Confirm compliance and strong legal terms and conditions of purchase
Negotiate the best price and terms possible, without undue emotion. Be prepared to pass on the opportunity if the price expectations are unreasonable
Buying businesses can be stressful if your paperwork is not available or well organised

When it comes to finding an outstanding buyer’s agent there really is no substitute for experience, both in terms of years in the industry and local market knowledge and expertise

If you’re looking to invest in a business but are confused by the array of available market analysis and information, the latest hotspots, and opportunities, then having a licensed and experienced professional buyer’s agent guiding you through the search and purchase process will make very good sense. Buyer’s agents are an invaluable asset when market conditions are competitive and can ensure that the process runs smoothly for you. By representing only the buyer you are in a unique position to achieve your objectives by managing vendor price expectation and maintaining the relationship integrity between buyer and seller.


Benchmark Business Brokers must always operate ethically. Always be completely honest, transparent, and clear. We will conduct business in the best interests of customers and clients – not in our own best interests.


Benchmark business brokers and support team display:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Effective Communication
  • A Positive Mental Attitude
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