Importance of Setting the Correct Price for Your Business

You can only sell your business once. You don’t get a second chance, and you can’t go back and do it again.

Vendor’s ask: “How much will my business sell for?”

You want to get the best possible price that the market will pay. But before we look at how to get the best price, you need to think about how to set the right price for your business.

Remember that most buyers want to pay the right price. This does not mean that they want to pay as little as possible. In fact, most buyers feel suspicious if the business is too cheap. Buyers feel more comfortable if they pay what they think is a fair price.

Think about it. If someone offers you a new Ferrari for $10,000.00 you immediately think “What’s wrong with it?” Of all the things that determine how long it takes to sell a business its not clever marketing, or internet, or referral, or anything else – it is THE PRICE.

Not too high… not too low….. just right. If you are a business owner asking how much will my business sell for, talk to one of Benchmark’s experienced business sales professionals for advice, on setting THE RIGHT PRICE FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

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