Is it time to think about selling your Business?

Look at Your Business through a Buyer’s Eyes

It’s amazing what you’ll see and learn about your business when you look at it through the eyes of a buyer.

Have a look at your business and what you have to offer. Think about what a buyer is looking for and what they will find if they look at your business. Here are a few things a buyer is looking for.

All buyers want:

  1. to pay the right price
  2. to be told the truth
  3. future security
  4. transparent accounts
  5. simple management and operation
  6. not to have to invest more in repairs or upgrades
  7. good presentation
  8. no reliance on key staff and
  9. no reliance upon key customers or clients.

When you have taken a few minutes to look at your business from a different perspective, see if you can find simple ways to improve the presentation of your business. Can you ensure that your business provides a buyer all or most of the nine points identified above?

First impressions count! And it’s up to you to ensure the buyer’s first impression is a good one.

We’ve all seen those television shows in which a work team spends time renovating and tidying up a home to prepare it for sale and achieve an increased sale price. The same thing applies to the value of your business. It can make a big difference to a buyer’s first impression if the business looks neat, organised and “under-control”.

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