Outstanding Sales by Our Business Specialist – Andrew Morris

Business Broker Andrew Morris has helped business owners to buy and sell businesses in Queensland for almost a decade.

As an experienced and knowledgeable business broker, he assists his clients at every step in the process and achieves outstanding results for both parties. In the last year Andrew Morris has sold many Businesses with these five Businesses standing out:

1. Specialist decontamination and management of PPE

A year ago, most of us had not heard of PPE. Since the 2019/20 bushfire season and our battles with COVID-19 we are fully aware of the importance of Personal Protection Equipment. Andrew Morris was pleased to report that the owners of this specialist laundry had recently reached settlement. This business handles the decontamination, maintenance and life-cycle of PPE that is worn by firefighters or miners and other professions that require protective clothing. Cleaning and care of all items are monitored, and the owners had developed a specialised tracking system that was included in the sale. This business operates in 3 states and handles large volumes of Corporate and Government contracts.

2.Maintenance Services, Engineer and Design

Investors found for a premier Queensland business servicing blue-chip mining, civil and defence sector customers. This recent sale opens the opportunity for related businesses to be added to the investor’s portfolio. Andrew’s background in Mechanical Engineering makes him particularly interested in talking to owners of businesses in the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors.

3. Café and Espresso Bar

Andrew sold a popular Café in Brisbane in only 12 weeks! The prominent, local eatery in a community shopping centre was sensibly priced and the buyer was found quickly. Congratulations to the vendors who are looking forward to taking time off before their next project. This sale included the initial appraisal, marketing, the sale contract, assisting in the lease assignment and final settlement.

4. Locksmith and electronic security Business

This was a complex sale including multiple locations (now leased from the vendors), employee entitlements, 15 vehicles and a large amount of stock. Finding the right buyer for this business took well over 12 months as this is a highly regulated industry that included licencing approvals and Police checks. Andrew Morris gained valuable first-hand knowledge of the industry as he and the vendors navigated through the many complexities together.

5. Labour Hire and recruitment Business

This Business was sold to an International Company, for approx. $4 million more than initial expectations – ultimately for more than $10 million. The entire Recruitment Business sold to Synaco Global with a Head office in France and the UK.

Andrew understands the intricacies of operating large and medium/small businesses and what is required to help each owner achieve their sale. Andrew welcomes enquiries from business owners who are planning to sell now or in the future.

Congratulations Andrew to these outstanding results and extremely happy vendors! Contact Andrew on 0413 703 360 if you own a similar business and are planning to sell soon or in the future.

Andrew Morris
Business Broker

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