Where Do Buyers Come From?

Over many years we have found that most buyers are local. In fact, about 70% of buyers are locals. Only 30% come other sources – Many from interstate. We have found that genuine interstate and overseas buyers will have the local papers sent to them, and that they will look at local websites, so advertising overseas and interstate generally does not work. Buyers come to us. If proper preparation and planning are in place the buyers will make a “beeline” to our door.

We do not need to chase them, they will find us. When selling your business it is wise to think about what kind of person or company would be interested in your business, and where they would come from. You need to consider what is the best way to let that type of buyer know that your business is for sale. One method of advertising alone will not be successful.

A combination of proven methods working together to produce a cohesive strategy is required to find buyers – and to get them looking at our business.

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