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Yesterday’s Tram Stop. Today’s Best Coffee Shop. Is this Brisbane’s Best Cafe For Sale?

Back in the day, on the current site of one of Brisbane’s best cafes, the area at the intersection of Old Cleveland Road and Ashton Street at Camp Hill was a swamp.  It was constantly kept wet from run-off from the road where the east bound side was higher than the west.  The gully was a natural drain that sustained the Camp Hill swamp for decades.

The old houses and shops lining the main road above the swamp included a high fashion wedding dress designer. Upstairs, through the full length window, passers-by could see the latest creation in progress.  It was even back-lit at night as an early form of 24 hour promotion.

Next door to the current café, Tracey Mather, a famous Brisbane name, synonymous with footwear, had her first shoe shop.  Next to that was an old barber shop. There’s still one there today.

Like much of the rest of Brisbane until the 1960’s, Old Cleveland Road rejoiced in the regular clatter and ding-ding of passing trams.  The Camp Hill stop was just a couple short of the Carina terminus.

Nowadays, the trams are long gone.  The swamp has been drained and built on.  The old shops have been completely modernised and the café attracts customers from all over Brisbane, such is its reputation.

It’s now for sale and attracting a lot of interest.  The seven day operation is open for breakfast and lunch. Several options exist to make this cafe even more profitable than it currently is. For example, a new owner could make more use of the liquor licence and open for dinner.  They could also expand on the burgeoning catering business. As you can see, this is no ordinary cafe opportunity.

However, they shouldn’t change the coffee!  Because some say, it’s the best in Brisbane.

It’s being marketed by Glenn Irving of Benchmark Business Sales and Valuations. Click here to read more about this money making opportunity or call Glenn on 0402 754 641.

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